Triple Bottom Line

CWS delivers triple bottom line outcomes.

Road endsEconomically

  • Residents will educate themselves about the options available for their specific environment, choosing economically and environmentally sustainable options for their community;
  • Alternative creative strategies will be explored and pursued as a means to minimize, and maximize, the economic impact on the community;
    • Communities will make their case for appropriate funding based on this comprehensive assessment of options and costs;
  • Property values can be expected to increase beyond the per household cost of the new infrastructure;
  • Scalable solutions will be stressed for communities in demographic flux;
  • Reduced infrastructure operation and capital costs;
  • Improved community marketability of the community;
  • Communities will learn how to apply for subsidies and grants to help with community development.


  • Residents will educate themselves about the sanitary conditions, soils and geography of their community, and understand at-risk conditions and behaviors;
  • Unsanitary conditions, health hazards and Consent Letters will be resolved sustainably, ending deleterious environmental degradation.
  • The community will see improved environmental health, public health, quality of life, and energy efficiency;
  • Residents will better understand how water conservation impacts their daily lives and how minimal behavior modification can minimize water wastage AND reduce costs


  • Significant decisions will have been deliberated and ratified by the entire community, avoiding after-the-fact disconnect between elected officials and constituents;
  • The community will gain experience in making considered decisions, weighing each option’s merits and drawbacks, and coming to terms with significant complexity;
  • Community stakeholders will learn the benefits of participative collaboration for solving broad concerns;
  • The process will create social capital in in the community and support of their elected representatives;
  • The communities implementing this program will receive significant attention, appreciation and respect for doing it right.

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